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KIA Semiconductor Introduces Super Junction MOSFET

Source:KIA Semiconductor Date:2017-07-25 

The use of advanced principles of pressure and optimized structure design, the new 600 ~ 900V SJ-MOS Ⅱ Series System provide sufficient margin pressure, simplify system design complexity, improve system reliability, to meet customer for the high-voltage, low on-resistance and high efficiency super junction MOSFET needs.


- Higher pressure system design and applications to provide a more adequate balance of

- Lower on-resistance, helps reduce conduction losses

- Very low gate charge, provide faster switching speeds

- Smaller package size under the same specifications, making the system more portable

- 100% avalanche capability testing to ensure product quality and reliable


- Forward circuit

- Quasi-resonant flyback circuit

- Adapter

- Solar Inverter

- Industrial Rectifier